Reebok on tour

Show-Truck and Infobus with style - inside and out

Reebok has always been a believer in the positive power of fitness. Today, this power is even greater because the world of fitness is undergoing profound changes. Fitness has developed from an isolated to a group activity. It has grown from just wanting to be fit to become a lifestyle. The way people perceive fitness and are defining themselves through their active lifestyle is very different today than it was just a decade ago. For many, fitness is the expression of their personality and is not restricted to the sports activity only.

Since March 2013, Reebok has gone to the streets, touring the country with the FUTURIA show-truck and the FUTURIA Boxx manufactured by MOST. Reebok is visiting various events and city centres, presenting their new collection of fitness clothing.

Not only is the extremely aerodynamic and futuristic design of both vehicles of the FUTURIA series a perfect match for Reebok, but especially the interior is something to be seen and leaves lasting impressions; product shelving and displays with indirect LED-lighting, as well as stylish wall designs create a true brand event to reinforce Reebok’s market position.

Last but not least, the Reebok semi-trailer surprises with an incredibly smart feature, a terrace and stage on the trailer roof. Dance and fitness performances with 360 degree visibility at 4 Meters height are making an impact on the crowd. Of course, performers are safe thanks to stainless steel balustrades surrounding the terrace.