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Show trucks are on hand for the Caterpillar Operator Challenge

Caterpillar is the world’s leading manufacturer for construction equipment. The company boasts a product palette encompassing 300 models which are, in part, extraordinarily high powered and of very impressive size.

Caterpillar’s company history is marked by a hard-charging culture: Creating, building, problem solving, pioneering inventions, testing, service provision and on-going developments. Starting with Benjamin Holt and C. L. Best, the movers and shakers behind Caterpillar’s success have always been extraordinary individuals – and that won’t be any different in the future.

Caterpillar launches its "New Range-New Rules" Operator Challenge Tour 2018.

The technology and production efficiency of the latest-generation chain excavators is setting new benchmarks when it comes to the 20- to 25-ton class. With its ʺNew Range-New Rules Roadshowʺ, Caterpillar can demonstrate the numerous advantages and high potential of its new excavators. Two show trucks are being sent on the company’s Europe Tour.

Sporting very striking full digital printed wrap, both of the involved GIANT show trucks by MOST will be enroute through 11 countries as part of the Operator Challenge Tour where they are being used as hospitality on wheels and for multimedia presentations on-site at local Caterpillar dealerships.

Caterpillar Showtruck Interieur
Caterpillar Showtruck Interieur
Caterpillar Roadshow Team
Caterpillar Showtruck Branding