Launching of the AEG Experience Tour 2020

Mobile cooking events for trading partners

Launching of the AEG Experience Tour 2020

Cooking more sustainably – and better: This is AEG’s focus as it begins a tour to trading partners throughout Germany this February. In the “mobile cooking experience cube” professional chefs including Muko Altankhuyag, Stephen Schmidt, Martin Koch, Adrian Klaric and Tony Jascovic will demonstrate how innovative kitchen technology lets you prepare meals even better.

The Experience Tour objective is to persuade AEG trading partners and their customers to adopt a more sustainable cooking style. "We want to bring our kitchen equipment to life and demonstrate how to be more sustainable when cooking. And at the same time, we are also furnishing our retail partners with information so they can answer questions that are put to them during their everyday sales activities," explains Ralf Birk, Sales Director Kitchen Retail.

As part of the one-hour cooking experience events, sales teams are given the lowdown on sustainability and modern cuisine. The professional chefs, one of whom was awarded a gold medal for vegan cooking, will also indulge the teams with a unique 4-course menu.

Unique in form and quality

The roadshow experts at MOST have created a very special mobile showroom for the AEG Experience Tour. The exterior design features a mix of black and wooden rungs while the inside is remarkable for its highly sophisticated technology. A winning combination that is unique in the mobile showtruck and showroom market.

The SPACE-1 served as the basis for the showroom, which can be hydraulically lowered to the ground and extended on both sides. The SPACE-1’s very powerful air conditioning technology – for use during very cold to very hot days – is second to none. Hannes Maurer, Senior Technical Project Manager at MOST, describes it this way: "It's not just a matter of cold or warm air that flows from several points; it’s also a matter of adequate air volume and the flow rate. Obviously no one wants air to be blown directly at them over a long period".

The vehicle’s extraordinary lighting technology, which includes many ceiling-integrated spots along with the familiar LED light fields, is rounded off by ambient lighting that is simply fabulous. The light world of the SPACE-1 is an experience in its own right, especially in the showroom which is fully-furnished in black.

A special challenge was put to the interior professionals at MOST by the customer's unusual power requirements. Several stoves, a large cooking area, warming drawers and an espresso machine with its own 32 ampere access needed to be reliably supplied with power. And while we are on the subject of safety: When it remains in set up mode at the event location overnight, the SPACE-1 – depending on its range of optional extras – can come with an alarm system that not only triggers an alarm at the truck manager's cell phone but also film the would-be burglars.

The AEG Experience Tour offers a real experience along with a special feel-good ambience for trade partners and invited consumers alike. We all at MOST are proud to have created this unique spatial solution for AEG!

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